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Bold and Beautiful

  • The Rattling Brook meanders along route 109
  • deep beside the mountain line. The famous
  • festival full of fine Bluegrass tunes
  • used to sail through the valley every mid-June.
  • After COVID swept the world, nation and
  • our rural state, there’s only the lonely songbird’s cry.
  • This village rests in the northwest end of the county
  • at a little over 1000 feet above sea level. These mighty
  • people work hard to keep their place and their peace.
  • The silence here is almost eerie and like no
  • other place on earth. Trails in the woods
  • offer a place to hike, hunt or reflect
  • and experience nature at its best.
  • Susan M. Sanders
  • ©April 3, 2021
  • for Belvidere, Vermont