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Mighty Mo-ville

  • This town sits in the southeast section of the county,
  • along two sides of the Lamoille River. The high arching
  • curve of Mansfield’s rock lies to the west,
  • a picturesque backdrop. Morrisville’s Depot
  • once held rank as the number one station
  • for Vermont’s lumber trade.
  • The empty tracks now serve as a path for relaxation
  • or rigorous recreation. Four major streets meet
  • with an array of restaurants, various specialty shops
  • from clothes, flowers, bikes, skis and healthy treats.
  • River Arts houses two gallery spaces for those
  • drawn to admire, be inspired or create. That mighty
  • river keeps going, a reminder of the folks
  • who soldier on despite challenging times.
  • Susan M. Sanders
  • ©March 23, 2021
  • for Morrisville, Vermont